Through My Daughter’s Eyes

By Julia Dye
Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: Warriors Publishing Group

Through My Daughter’s Eyes is a one-of-a-kind, much-needed look at what it means to come of age in a military family today.

Our middle school heroine Abbie is wiser than her years—and most of the adults in her life, for that matter. Equal parts Flavia de Luce and Harriet the Spy, Abbie describes her life this way: “My best friend and fellow Army-brat Megan and I had a plan to get through Dessau Middle School (Go Diamondbacks!) by being just good enough to not get noticed and not so good we’d be picked out for any attention. And it worked—for a while.

“Then my dad got deployed—again—and mom fell apart, leaving me in charge of my own life and, it seemed, everyone else’s. When Dad came home after about a hundred-million years, he wasn’t much help, either. I know war is terrible, but it’s not like he talks to me about it, so how was I supposed to know what to do? He’s not even the same dad that left.

“I turned to my grandpa for help, but in the end, I had to let go of being the glue that kept everything together. I had to learn to give my parents room to save themselves—and our family.”

“Julia Dye does an amazing job in capturing the courage and sacrifice family members face during military deployments. This unique, authentic, and poignant perspective should be mandatory reading so we can fully understand the price our warrior class and their family members quietly pay.”
-Richard Rierson, Dose of Leadership

“In matters of military fiction, Julia Dye has approached her target and captured the pain and loss evolving from combat in a unique and endearing manner–through the eyes of a child. Abbie, the protagonist, is a young girl transitioning from grade school to junior high–but oh so, so much an old soul. Her brave heart will surely move the reader (as she did me) to tears, laughter, and ultimately to love and understanding.”
-Tom Berenger, Actor and Father