The Shake Davis Series

By Dale A. Dye
Publisher: Warriors Publishing Group
Language: English

The File Series: Old battlefields meet current conflicts ripped from today’s headlines

This eBook Omnibus edition contains Laos File, Peleliu File, Chosin File, Beirut File, Contra File, and Havana File!

Think Quiller, Adam Hall’s over achieving shadow agent, or Nick Fury, Stan Lee’s cigar chomping colonel with CIA connections, then add a touch of badass and dash of twenty-first century savvy, and you get Shake Davis, a man willing to risk everything to protect a guileless free world from total annihilation.

Each adventure in the series grabs an historic battle site such as the Ho Chi Mihn Trail in Vietnam, the island of Peleliu from World War II, and the Chosin Reservoir in Korea, and infuses it with an up-to-the-minute conflict filled with danger, suspense, mystery, and romance.

One needs no combat experience to understand and appreciate the mindset of a character who says, “Nothing is ever subtle to me. Everything is always a head-on collision—act fast—follow your instincts.”

The passion that made Captain Dye Hollywood’s most successful military technical advisor with the verisimilitude and gritty, no-holds-barred realism he brings to combat portrayed in motion pictures flows naturally from film to printed page. This series is rife with the chaos, confusion, and bared teeth of men at war.