Don Burzynski

Don Burzynski

Don Burzynski was a guest history columnist for the Marine Corps Times and Navy Times in Arlington. He has been a historian for 52 years starting as a re-enactor in 1959, reliving the Civil War Centennial, the Bi-Centennial of the American Revolution and currently the Bi-Centennial of the War of 1812.

He holds three Detroit EMMYs and two CLIOs for commercial concepts when he was a Creative Director/Producer in the advertising field.

He has spoken and conducted research for The History Channel and has appeared in a number of their films. In 1996, he won the prestigious Magruder Award from the Marine Corps Historical Foundation for living history excellence.

This is Don’s first book on the U.S. Marines. He has begun a volume entitled “Sea Soldiers in the War of 1812.”


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